Arvind Jolly Welcome Speech at Annual Stakeholder meet


Welcome Speech by Mr. Arvind Jolly  at Annual Stakeholder meet

Ladies  and Gentlemen,

I welcome you all to this Annual Stakeholders Meeting.  Companies abroad give greater importance to their Stakeholder as against the shareholder,  this is because the Stakeholder  has a daily, interactive interest in the welfare of the company. His business and profits depend on the goods or services he buys or sells to the company.  If the company prospers he prospers.  As  major Stakeholders of the company I welcome all of you as my Partners in the  success and welfare of this company.  This conference was primarily organised  to meet and interact with you, and then of course to get your feedback and suggestion.  Your feedback  is important for us to improve the products and service we offer.  We have a long day ahead, and I am really grateful to all of you who have taken great pains to be present here today from all over the country.  Very special thanks to all of you especially those who travelled from distant Calcutta and Orissa. 

Jolly Board Limited  (Formerly Anil Hardboard Limited) was founded by
Mr. Govind Ram Jolly Incorporated on 10th December 1956 in Mumbai.

As many of you are visiting Mumbai  for the first time, I would like to speak briefly about the company’s history, its past, present and future.  Jolly Board was established by my father  Mr. Govind Ram Jolly in 1957.   My father story was a rags to riches story.  He came from Karachi as a refugee.  GR, as he was popularly known  started business as a building contractor, he flourished as a Government contractor and decided to turn entrepreneur.  

Mr. Govind Ram Jolly  commissioned India’s first Fibreboard Plant (Hardboard)
in 1958 at Kanjur Marg, Mumbai Capacity : 6,000 Tonnes per annum

He was a pioneer in his time, he set up India’s first hardboard plant right here in Kanjurmarg, Mumbai in November 1958.  

India’s First Fibreboard plant was inaugurated by Honorable
Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri,
 Union Minister for Commerce & Industry on 22nd November 1958
The company did  well initially and three years later he started the soft board plant in 1961.
Three years later in 1961, Jollyboard commissioned India’s First Softboard Plant.
Capacity : 6,000 Cubic Meters per annum
Honourable Union Minister for Food & Agriculture,
Shri S. K. Patil inaugurated India’s First  Softboard Plant
on September 2, 1961, at Jollyboard Kanjur Marg, Mumbai

A few year later he added the second hardboard plant   inaugurated by Lal Bahadur  Shastri, who was the then  Prime Minister of India.  This is a rare honour and national recognition given to my father to have the Prime Minister of India inaugurate the plant. 

Jolly Board commissioned its second Hardboard line in November 1964. This plant
doubled its Hardboard manufacturing capacity from 6000 tonnes to 12,000 tonnes
In acknowledgement of Mr. G.R. Jolly’s entrepreneurial  skills in setting up the
Fibreboard industry in India, political stalwarts like
Prime Minister of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, 
Shri. S. K. Patil and Shri. Y. B. Chavan consented to
 inaugurate  Jollyboard’s third plant on November 1, 1964.
 Jolly Board Ltd. – Kanjur Marg, Mumbai 1958  
 An aerial view  of Jolly Board’s Kanjur Marg Plant
built by our Founder Mr. Govind Ram Jolly
 The company did extremely well in the following decade and my   father was encouraged to set up a factory in Canada Anil Canada, inaugurated by the then President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain.   
In 1967, Jollyboard Ltd. set its sight overseas.
Mr. G.R. Jolly launched Anil Canada Ltd
to manufacture Hardboard in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Capacity:  40,000 tonnes per annum
As the Government of India’s  appreciation for
the country’s first overseas venture,
Dr. Zakir Hussain, President of India inaugurated Anil Canada Ltd.
But the scene slowly changed, the later 1970’s proved to be the dark hour for Jolly Board when I joined the company as CEO in 1977.
In 1977 Arvind Jolly, Mr. G. R. Jolly’s son joined the organisation as  CEO. He took over during a difficult phase in the company’s history, during a period of escalating energy costs and serious take over bids. Arvind Jolly initiated some major restructuring within the company.

Two more hardboard plants had been established by competitors  in the country.  Escalating energy costs,  competition, price cutting were major issues..  Jolly Board was the worst sufferer as it had a very high manufacturing cost being located in Mumbai.  Mumbai was known for labour troubles.  In 1981 amidst serious take over bids we lost our Founder Chairman Mr. G. R.Jolly.

In 1981 we lost our Founder
Mr. G. R. Jolly ……. a great visionary. 
As a tribute to Mr. G. R. Jolly’s contribution to Kanjur Marg,  where Jolly Board is located,
the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation named  a new link road off the Eastern Express Highway
  as the ‘Seth Govindram Jolly Marg 

By the early 1980s I managed to successfully initiate some changes.  The company did well and made reasonably good profits and was able to pay off its liabilities.  It was clear to me that Mumbai was not the location for a hardboard and soft board plant.  With a view to shift our manufacturing facilities we purchased land in Aurangabad and started soft board production in 1974 in Aurangabad. 

 A Board Lamination Plant set up in 1978 marked the beginning of
operations in Aurangabad.