Infrastructure And Production

Jolly Board manufactures softboard and bitumen impregnated softboard at two manufacturing sites based in Western India at Aurangabad and Sangli.

The company has four mills for the production of Softboard, Bitumen Impregnated Softboard and mineral wool board. These four units produce 100,000 cubic meters of Soft Board annually!

The company is committed to customer satisfaction and product development. The boards manufactured by Jolly Board are comparable to the best in the world. An extensive dealer network is the company's forte, and is in no small measure responsible for our expanding sales.

We export more than 50% of our softboard production. In recognition of our efforts the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India has bestowed on us, the privileged Green Card (IEC No. 0388113740). Furthermore, we have also received the Special Export Award from CAPEXIL, year after year.
Our Factories at Aurangabad
Our Factories at Sangli