26 December 2013 Top Export Award 5th Year

Joint Managing Director Jolly Board


GROWTH AGAINST ALL ODDS Jolly Board has won the top export award yet again! Today Jolly Board is being exported to more than 35 different countries in Asia, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Africa and parts of Latin and Central America as well. Jolly Board recorded a growth rate averaging 23% per annum in the last 7 years.  This takes into account the earlier rupee dollar rate where the average of the previous 5 years is considered and not this year’s depreciation of the rupee. The growth involved a volumetric expansion through factory Production and awarding of new contracts, and not just a financial adjustment vis a vis the rupee dollar rate.  This was one of the finest Growth Rates in the complex heavy manufacturing industry for exported goods of a privately held mid-size company staying competitive in the global marketplace.


Top Export Award 5th consecutive year.  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013. 
Mr. P. K. Dasgupta, Works Director receiving the award on behalf of Jolly Board Ltd.
presented by Dr. E. M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, Hon’ble Minister of State for 
Commerce & Industry, Govt of India on 26 December 2013

Jolly Board has taken on severe competition from companies who are several times bigger in size in the International markets thus making a break through with its boards into several Oil and Gas projects which require endless Quality control and regulations. However by being more nimble with market distribution and building a world class supply chain management system the company has thus been helped tremendously. Jolly Board manages several inputs from various corners of the country and material distribution to various parts of the world. This has only been possible because of an extremely efficient materials and inventory management.

Jolly Bitumen Board is a specialized product developed by Jolly Board for the export market and is used in all major construction projects and airports in the Middle East, Africa and Far East. The product is especially suited to very harsh climatic conditions such as very high fluctuating  desert temperatures, poor soil conditions, heavy wind and pressure conditions and rugged construction environments. Today Jolly Board is extensively used in Water Desalination projects, Power Projects, Gas pipeline works, Oil Storage terminals, New Oil refineries, Construction of Manmade islands, City Metro projects, Bridge and High construction, and high speed rail projects.

With an ambition to be the crème of the crop, Jolly Board Ltd. has embarked on a focused growth strategy ‘to become the largest manufacturer of specialized Construction boards and  Bitumen Boards with the highest level of product quality at the lowest cost of production: The Company fuels this pursuit with cutting edge advanced technology and continuous innovation, both critical to any company that is in a growth mode.  From being Asia’s largest manufacturer of asphalt fibreboards, the Company has been catapulted into a major player in the Asian Infrastructure market. Today ‘Jolly Board’ is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of boards and is an internationally recognized premium brand in the International Building materials markets with an undisputed quality and price advantage to users.

Jolly Board’s main strength of managing complex supply chains in a terrain which is inhospitable to any kind of material movement or schedules has worked to its advantage. Jolly Board gets its input materials from all corners of India and is shipping to many diverse locations in the world.  Manufacturing exporters in India are confronted with an archaic crumbling infrastructure of sea ports, roads, and terminals for handling of goods which are often crippled by strikes. It is tedious for exporters to move large amounts of materials through transportation routes and ports quickly enough  to meet International delivery schedules. In the Far East and many of the efficient Middle East ports it takes less than 10 hours for a ship to load, turn around and leave a port, where as in India it can take 10 to 15 days for a container to leave a port.

Austere environment laws often confront industry. With the Supreme Court’s ruling prohibiting the use of wood, Jolly Board locally sources most of its raw materials and uses a very large proportion of Recycled Waste material. Jolly Board has been developed through making lighter boards in weight and still making them stronger through molecular technology which saves energy.  The proportion of Export to import is several fold and the product is used in several countries as a Green Building product which is environmentally responsible.  In the past few years India has been a net importer of all kinds of goods. Building export manufacturing infrastructure has been very defying for companies. Competition from Far East and East European manufacturers has been extremely severe.

With energy over heads intensifying in India,  Jolly Board has invested vastly into reducing energy costs and becoming more energy efficient thereby reducing its carbon foot print per unit of output and benefitting buildings which require to be complied with the green building codes. By utilizing more efficient manufacturing technology and doing more, with lesser people, Jolly Board has reached the Far East markets where there is competition from local manufacturing as well.

Jolly Board has in the last few years ventured into Office Space development. Partnering with  India’s largest developer, it has lakhs of square feet of office space in the city now occupied by several multinational companies in the field of telecommunications, engineering, pharmaceuticals and others. A world class, high technology commercial complex has been developed which has over twenty thousand people working and living there. These buildings are all Grade A which have Gold rated green LEED certificates.