Bitumen Impregnated Softboard

Bitumen Impregnated Softboard


Jolly Bitulex Softboard is processed from cane fibre, the raw material tested and proven to provide the best resilience. Impregnated with Bitumen in various percentages, it is a perfect base material for expansion joint fillers.

The board's compression and recovery characteristics confirm to the U.K., U.S.A. and Indian Standards much above the required averages.

Jollyboard introduces its superior Bitumen Impregnated Softboard—a confluence of durability, adaptability, and cutting-edge engineering. Designed for diverse construction applications, this board harmoniously blends the resilient properties of bitumen with the flexibility of softboard, delivering unmatched performance every time.

Expertly crafted for moisture resistance and enhanced longevity, our Bitumen Impregnated Softboard offers robust solutions for joint fillers, insulation, and protective padding in various architectural and engineering scenarios. From bridges to buildings, highways to homes, rely on Jollyboard's Bitumen Softboard for that seal of assurance.

The Jollyboard Bitumen Impregnated Softboard is more than just a construction material—it's a testament to our commitment to quality and precision.Engineered for multifaceted applications, this board is your ideal partner for projects demanding resilience and adaptability.

Advantages of Choosing Jollyboard's Bitumen Softboard:

  • Moisture Resistant:Engineered to withstand the challenges of damp environments.
  • High Durability:Designed for longevity, ensuring value for your investment.
  • Eco-Conscious Production:Committing to a greener planet with every board we produce.
  • Versatile Applications:From joint fillers to protective padding, adaptability is its hallmark.

Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler :

Jolly Board Expansion Joint Filler is manufactured from water resistant, bitumen impregnated, cane fibre. It is available in a wide range of sizes, both as boards & strips in thicknesses of 10 MM, 12 MM, 18 MM, 19 MM, 25 MM.

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. The fillers are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermocole/plastic expansion joint filler.


External wall cladding: Filling structural expansion & structural separation joints in block & insitu concrete construction.
Traffic surfaces: Filling expansion joints in motorways,roads,runways,pedestrian areas, bridges, curbs etc.
Internal surfaces: Filling expansion joints across concrete floors, including screed floors with underfloor heating.
Roofs & floor finishes : Ideal for filling expansion joints in concrete floors.
Building superstructures: Filling expansion joints in basements, retaining walls, site slabs, subways & other water excluding structures.
Reinforced concrete structures:Expansion joint fillers in piers and lateral supports like abutments.
Expansion strips: Against existing or between adjacent constructions and insets in concrete paving like drains, manholes, etc.
Industrial Flooring
Internal finishes: Various other flat works and concrete floors according to the state of the art and local regulations.

Physical Properties:

Jolly Bitulex Expansion Joint Fillers conform to the following required standards

ASTM -D. 1751-83/D.545 - 84 Testing
`concrete paving and structural construction’
`pre-formed expansion Joint Fillers for concrete’
Department of Transport - London 1986: `specification to highway works, part 3, clause 1015′
B.S. 1142 for Standard Specifications for Expansion Joint Fillers.
IS 1838(Part-I) 1983 Standard Test of Expansion Joint Fillers.

Strong points and performance characteristics:

Compression to 50% thickness in the initial state :- Recovery is 80/84%

Weathering and compression to 50% thickness : - Recovery is 70/76%. Jolly Bitulex returns to more than 70% of its original thickness after three applications of pressure sufficient to reduce its thickness by 50%

Extrusion: No effect (0.75 mm)

Unaffected by temperature changes

Low moisture absorption due to bitumen impregnation. Standard Bitumen content 10-20-35%. Other possibilities upon request.

Suggested application details for typical joints

Ordinary type. Joint Filler is brought flush with the surface and extends full depth of slab. This is the most common type of application.

Joint using surface capping. Jolly Bitulex Concrete Joint Filler is placed approximately 3/4 of an inch below the surface of the slab. Suitable capping placed flush with concrete surface. Used extensively in highway construction.

Dowel bar used to preserve alignment of adjacent sections of concrete slab. The joint filler is fabricated to receive dowel bars and the entire joint assembly is placed in position before pouring concrete.

Joint employing continuous seal either at top or bottom of slab to close joint against hydrostatic pressur


Jolly Expansion Joint Filler In Airport Runway

Mehod of Using

Jolly Bitulex is brought flush with the concrete slab and extends full depth of the slab, placed approximately ¾ of an inch below the surface of the concrete slab. A suitable sealant is applied either at the top or bottom of the slab to close the joint against hydrostatic pressure. The dowel bar is used to preserve alignment of adjacent sections of concrete slab. Jolly Bitulex is fabricated to receive dowel bars and the entire joint assembly is placed in position before pouring concrete.

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler Between Beams & Columns In Building

A suitable sealant is used flush with Jolly Expansion Joint Fillerboard in between columns and beams of building.

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler In Bridge

Mehod of Using

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler In Road

Mehod of Using

To maintain enough tensile strength in the concrete Jolly Expansion Joint Fillerboards are placed in between the slabs to bare the expansion and contraction of steel reinforcing bars, after which

Jolly Expansion Joint Filler In Sidewalk / Pavement

Mehod of Using

Jolly Expansion Joint In Dam Walls

Mehod of Using


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