28 January 2016 Top Export Award 6th consecutive year

Growth against all odds

Joint Managing Director Jolly Board


….Jolly Board used in a new Railway project in Saudi Arabia… Jolly Board used in the construction of towersFinancial district of Hong Kong…… Jolly Board used in a University project in Melbourne…..Jolly Board used in an Industrial project in Vietnam…..Jolly Board used in school of Sao Paulo, Brazil….. Jolly Board used in a power project near London….Jolly Board beginning to be used in the new construction projects of Iraq…Jolly Board in Ecuador…….Jolly board used in a major bridge project in Chicago….Jolly Board used in a large road project in Florida…..Jolly Board in the Gas Storage and Petrochemical plants in Qatar…. Jolly Board used in a reclaimed land project in Singapore…..

The Jolly group focuses on striking key associations and alliances with various foreign and multinational companies and going where no Indian manufactured product has gone.

Top Export Award 6th consecutive year 07-08, 08-09, 09-10,
10-11, 11-12 and now 12-13
Mr. Arjun Jolly, Jt. Managing Director receiving the award
on behalf of Jolly Board Ltd.
presented by Shri Kalraj Mishra, Hon’ble Minister of Micro, Small and
Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India on 28th January 2016

 Jolly Board has won the top export award for the 6 th consecutive year. Jolly Board recorded a growth rate averaging 23% per annum in the last 7 years. This award was for Financial year ending 2012/2013.Till this time the Rupee as a currency had still not depreciated and the growth was based on the Old Rupee rates. The growth involved a volumetric expansion through clever alliances, factory Production ,awardingof new contracts, and not just a financial adjustmentvis a vis the rupee dollar rate. This was one of the finest Growth Rates in the complex heavy manufacturing industry for exported goods of a privately held mid-size company staying competitive in the global marketplace. ! Today Jolly Board is being exported to more than 35 different countries in Asia, America, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Africa and parts of Latin and Central America as well.

Jolly Bitumen Board is a specialized product developed by Jolly Board for the export market and is used in all major construction projects and airports in the America, Latin America ,Middle East, Africa and Far East. The product is especially suited to very harsh climatic conditions such as extreme desert temperatures, poor soil conditions, heavy wind and pressure conditions and rugged construction environments. Today Jolly Board is extensively used in Water Desalination projects, Power Projects, Gas pipeline works, Oil Storage terminals, New Oil refineries, Construction of Manmade islands, City Metro projects, Bridge and High construction, and high speed rail projects.

Any manufacturing company in India require the supporting infrastructure of ports, railways, transportation and utilities. However India’s archaic infrastructure continues to challenge the manufacturing industry. Containers have to wait for several days at the Ports in India before they load on the ships, an average truck in India covers only 240 kms a day as opposed to China where a truck cover 900kms a day. Thus making the movement of goods very challenging. Jolly Board has deal with various Raw material challenges as well where land acquisition and mining laws conflict with Industrial growth.

Jolly Board has taken on severe competition from companies who are several times bigger in size in the International markets thus making a break through with its boards into several Oil and Gas projects which require endless Quality control and regulations. However by being more nimble with market distribution and building a world class supply chain management system the company has thus been helped tremendously.

The Jolly group owns and manages large Commercial complexes in Mumbai city. The Jolly group has partnered with several Multinational Engineering companies to create specialized solutions required to building an export oriented hub which has the necessary technical solutions required for the development of science and engineering. The Jolly group has specialized and concentrated on attracting major Multinational names from Europe, America and Asia to its buildings. In a slow market where most Commercial building have a low occupancy, Jolly has managed to get over 80% occupancy through a lot of good ground level work.