Corporate Mission


To apply the highest standards of business integrity and to be leaders of our industry. To give our customers a little more than what they pay for.

Quality Commitment

Achieve excellence in our products and service.

Employee Appreciation

To provide the right environment for self development and growth of our employees.

Distribution Network

To be the preferred supplier of quality fibreboards with cordial and mutually respectful relationships with far reaching distributors and dealers, our partners in progress.

Social Responsibility

To promote the cause of nature conservation and stall depletion of our valuable forest resources.

Jolly Board’s manufacturing plants use either bagasse, bagasse pith, or natural gas fired boilers. This ensures that our chimneys do not release any toxic emissions.

Our high quality products are processed mostly from agro waste thus, conserving valuable natural resources. These agro waste products have been declared environment friendly by the Government of India and enjoy full excise exemptions.

Our contribution to Mumbai, the concrete jungle is a beautiful stretch of nearly 100 trees along the promenade at Haji Ali and another at the G. R. Jolly Marg at Kanjur Marg.

The ‘I Love Mumbai’ committee lauded our efforts of nurturing 100 trees at Haji Ali, which were illuminated for the millennium celebrations, with a prestigious award.