Laminated Type

Laminated Type



    Ready to use, Jolly Laminated Softoard is laminated on both sides.
    Its smooth, well glued, uniform surface finish renders itself suitable for partitions, panelling and display boards.
    Jolly Laminated Softboard offers sound insulation and thermal insulations too.
    It can be painted, veneered, laminated, wall papered the possibilities are unlimited.
    The innovating product details and versatile of uses of the new version of softboard will change the way it has been used ..instantly.
    Jolly Laminated Soft Board is available in panel of 8ft x 4ft and in 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11mm thickness.


These are normally used in Ceiling or on Pinboards or for packaging delicate material like glassware. A suitable pattern is chosen to puncture the holes in Ceiling Slabs normally 1½ ft. x 1½ ft. These Ceiling Tiles are fitted between the steel grid shown

Laminated Softboard for Ceiling Tiles


laminated Softboard Brochure